Top White Label Crypto Exchange Software Providers in 2024

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Cryptocurrencies are gaining widespread acceptance around the world. Crypto exchange platforms facilitate buying, selling, and trading cryptocurrencies. These platforms are playing a crucial role in breaking free of the monopoly of traditional centralized finance. It will help in granting financial freedom to a large number of unprivileged and unbanked people in the world. White label crypto exchange software is an exchange that is developed by one company and is sold to another company which rebrands it accordingly. These software providers help business enterprises to navigate the crypto space easily with minimal costs.

Common Features of White Label Crypto Exchange Software

The major common features of this crypto exchange software include the following:

  • Wallet Integration
  • High-Grade Security System
  • Admin Panel
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Matching Mechanism and Trading Engine


PayBitoPro provides a complete white label crypto exchange as it is meticulously designed for digital assets. The platform offers a multi-currency and multi-signature SegWit-enabled platform for daily trading of digital currencies. It facilitates 24X7 crypto exchange software for buying, selling, and trading cryptocurrencies. PayBitoPro has exchange features that are fully customizable for UI websites, web applications, and mobile applications for both Android and IOS. Block confirmation tracking, matching engine with order book and customer management solution are beneficial for different kinds of users. PayBitoPro is recognized as one of the top white label crypto exchange providers by TechResearcho.

Key Features:

  • Recognizes over 400+ cryptos
  • Compatible with 20+ leading fiat currencies like USD, Euro, and others
  • Superfast Transactional Speed
  • Maximum Security with 2FA Data encryption
  • Multicurrency wallet
  • Crypto liquidity
  • UX/UI Branding
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Confirmation Tracking
  • Automated KYC/AML verification

Hashcash Consultants

Hashcash Consultants is one of the best white label crypto exchange software providers for users looking for a one-stop exchange platform. The exchange software runs on blockchain technology and helps in efficient cryptocurrency trading. Moreover, the exchange software is one of the most secure platforms and is gaining traction among leading global enterprises. In the context of buyers, Hashcash offers a tried and tested product with high levels of customization. This invariably saves resources, expenses, and time.

Key Features

  • Encrypted Hot Wallet and Multi-signature Cold Wallet
  • Supports multiple cryptos such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, HCX, XRP, etc.
  • Superfast Transactional Speed
  • DB encryption and 3 point architecture protect users from hacks
  • Customizable Matching Engine
  • Product Available on Web, Android, and IOS
  • ERC20 compatible
  • Admin Console
  • Robust Wallet Management System


ChainUp is one the finest white label cryptocurrency exchange development software because it streamlines crypto trading platforms. It facilitates selective modules such as OTC, user-to-contract transactions, and crypto-crypto. The crypto exchange platform has deep liquidity accrued from over 300 exchanges. ChainUp fosters a clean trading environment and has strict regulatory compliance for both offline and online transactions.

Key Features

  • Algorithmically Audited Mechanism
  • Better Risk Analysis
  • Facilitates 50,000 TPS for every trading pair
  • Detailed Admin Panel
  • The security system is 5-layered
  • High degree of compatibility with third-party solutions


B2Broker is renowned in the world for its superfast transactional speed. The platform also offers stable performance and has strong built-in security. This white label crypto exchange platform is particularly suitable for both novices and experienced users. B2Broker offers a wide range of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ripple’s XRP, and Bitcoin Cash, as modes of payment. It also has a highly protected scalable wallet solution for both exchanges and brokerages.

`Key Features

  • Customizable user interface
  • Multiple Extensions in Backoffice Panel
  • Powerful Matching Engine
  • Web Interface for Crypto to Crypto and Fiat to Crypto Exchange in a few clicks

Alpha Point

Alpha Point software offers leading exchanges to the customer’s own AlphaPoint technology-powered exchange. This platform is famous for its scalability and instant access to the international network of liquidity. The crypto exchange platform supports both sides of the market and demonstrates higher-order profitability. The conversion feature also allows multi-currency conversion to work with clients using different local exchanges.

Key Features

  • Offers Access to a Network of over 100 exchanges
  • Blockchain Agnostic and Interoperability
  • Vertical Integrations
  • Enables limited order matching

Blockchain App Factory

Blockchain App Factory provides customized blockchain-based solutions for various crypto-related applications in multiple industries. It has over 30 end-to-end ICOs with different combinations of ICO marketing. It also has tech stacks and is a leading crypto business company in the world. Businesses can gain access to a vast market by embracing the company’s white label cryptocurrency exchange.

Key Features

  • Multi-language Support
  • Strong AML and KYC Verification
  • High grade security having Firebase and Firewall
  • Inbuilt Payment Processing Gateway


The major strong point of HollaEx is its security feature. It has over a decade of experience in both hot and cold wallet solutions. The platform has a modular architecture and permits the smooth integration of new workflows and features. Therefore, it is a safe option for startups looking to venture into the crypto sector and want to upgrade existing crypto facilities.

Key Features

  • Multi-asset exchange feature that includes cryptos, tokens, commodities, etc.
  • Multi-signature wallet
  • Identity verification is automated
  • Investment Platform for Strategic Investors
  • Superior Risk Management Capabilities


Robinhood is a crypto exchange platform that helps in the easy transfer of cryptos from one’s account to other wallets and vice versa. The platform is famous for its security, simplicity, and free charges on withdrawals, transfers, and deposits. By using Robinhood, users can build robust trading crypto strategies, set price alerts, track market trends, and plan advanced trades.

Key Features

  • Advanced trading tools
  • 24/7 Customer Trading
  • Cold Storage Facilities For Customer’s Coins
  • Crime Insurance Against Major Cybersecurity Breaches
  • Top class security systems


Antier is a leading crypto exchange software provider that was created to deliver scalable and secured transactions by using blockchain technology. The company offers speedy and secure transactions by using cryptocurrencies. It also enables customers to fulfill their business needs. Website hosting, customized software development, and application development are its forte.

Key Features

  • Automated Third-party KYC Verification
  • Module Has Spot Trading Facilities
  • Multichain USDT
  • Reward and Referral Programs
  • Sophisticated Admin Panel


Maticz offers a wide variety of crypto exchange solutions to users interested in crypto-based startups and organizations. It is built with cutting-edge technology and frameworks for better customization and integration. Trading bots, multi-signature wallets, and robust architecture are the main attractive features of this platform. Moreover, it improves brand management and business agility.

Key Features

  • Versatile solutions
  • Economical and has a multitude of features
  • Presence in over 50 countries
  • High efficiency
  • Reliable Solutions


White label crypto exchange software provides a plethora of benefits to both individual users and business entities. Despite having many common features, each crypto exchange software has specific features that benefit one section of users. Therefore, before choosing software, users should have clarity about their requirements. Proper analysis of factors such as budget, business nature, and needs are most important while selecting a crypto exchange platform.



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