Top Three Coin Listing Exchanges for Your Digital Asset

coin listing exchange

The unique selling point for different exchanges that host coin listings remains in the fact that they offer the listed tokens or coins the much-coveted liquidity and exposure. New blockchain startups that pop up every day and are anchored to lavish ICO funding require their coins or digital tokens to be listed on reputable platforms or exchanges so that they can gradually expect the value of these coins to rise. Besides, as many investors give increased acknowledgment to these coins, the newly founded ideas or projects increase in terms of credibility. The projects which are being funded by ICO try to continually maintain token value so as to enable the chances of available funds to be invested in the development of the project. If a digital token has been advertised and marketed as a utility token, then it also has to remain at a stable value in order to be used within the project for developmental actions. Coin listing on an exchange that is popular and attracts many investors also ensures increased publicity and limelight on the token that is being listed. A liquid exchange, in short, provides exposure to the listed digital coins, so that investors shift their attention to its potential. To take the example of Bitcoin Cash, the value of it steadily increased to double within a mere 24 hours, when it got listed on the reputable exchanges Coinbase and GDAX. It also gave a boost to the trading values which empowered Bitcoin Cash multifold. It should also be mentioned here that, multiple exchange platforms should be used to list any token or coin as it only increases the reputation of the startup project.

Just like cryptocurrencies, exchanges and platforms that host ICO listing pop up frequently. They come with a plethora of services so that your coin can get the best possible spotlight and exposure. ICO listing can be also hosted by a decentralized exchange, which like most exchanges would offer utmost support and exposure to the coins that it hosts. Apart from decentralized exchanges, there exist some coins, like Bancor, which acts as an exchange agency in itself. Here are some examples of the most praiseworthy websites to host your coin listings:

1. Bittrex

Boasting a fluid way to withdraw user funds as well as a strong customer support team, Bittrex focuses mostly on a stringent quality process. Once your blockchain startup strengthens itself with a token that possesses a useful groundbreaking idea and dedicated team members, getting listed on Bittrex seems like a cakewalk. The Bittrex team, with their keen eye for perfection, would release only a handful of coins every week, to put up nothing but the best. The exchange offers you different tailor-made services that will help you reap the most out of your coin. Besides, the guidance team also opens new channels for innovative marketing that would help your coin to get a special spotlight on the exchange. The tokens can also be featured on the Bittrex website, permanently. Moreover, Bittrex may charge a compliance fee which guarantees to understand the complicacy of your new listed coin. The exchange also offers thorough research about the potential of any newly listed coins so that they can later pass on the enriched information that would help the coin to reach its ideal potential. Submitting a new coin to the Bittrex exchange is quite simple. All you need is a coin with a clear mission and pitch, a verified account, a coin logo, a coin trading symbol and a Github link.

2. HashCash Consultants

A dedicated team, along with expert knowledge of the blockchain network technology and cryptocurrencies, HashCash Consultants offers extensive guidance to new startups to list their coin on the HashCash exchange, PayBito. The US-based exchange lets its clients trade, buy or sell an array of cryptocurrencies. The multi-currency global exchange PayBito comes with fiat facility that adds to its charm. Besides getting your coin listed on Paybito, HashCash connects your coin on affiliated exchanges that are set up by the company. The success rate of any coin listed on PayBito or any of HashCashs’s global affiliated exchanges increases the potential of the coin by a whopping 25%. Working closely with HitBTC, Bitstamp, BitBay, and Binance, HashCash Consultants thrives on vast research that helps your coin to reach its full potential as well as justifying their compliance fee. Being an expert in listing coins with extremely complex mission and pitches, HashCash supports coins that come with digital innovation and a high community demand. The exchange also launches only a handful coin per week to ensure the perfect quality which would determine the future of any new coin being listed on the exchange or on one of its affiliates.

3. Poloniex

For Poloniex, flexibility is the only criteria to help your coin reach its full potential. Unlike any other exchanges, Poloniex would somewhat meander its ways of norms for a particular client, so that the listed coin gets full exposure and value. Coins that have proper value and mission attached to it would get fluid support from the Poloniex team that believes in serving nothing but the best knowledge derived experience. Any coin that passes the Howey Test and does not resemble a security can be listed on this particular exchange. Offering a simple solution, Poloniex also does not accept or require a fixed payment for the coin listing on exchange services. The only mandatory criteria for this exchange lies in the fact that all the developers of a particular coin must have verified user accounts linked to the Poloniex website.

Whichever platform you choose to list your coins on, the primary motivation behind it should be to achieve the best liquidity. Ideally, liquidity should confirm how smoothly the coins listed can be bought and sold. Assets that boast liquidity are rather easy to own or sell and the coins that have been listed on a plethora of exchanges would gain liquidity, and hence would be easier to trade or deal with.



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