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White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange is an idea that has enriched the cryptocurrency world with its high efficiency and smooth running qualities. A White label software is a piece of technology that one company sells to another company. The company who is buying the white label product has ample amount of opportunities to further develop the previously manufactured software. It is easy for the organization who bought the software to customize it according to their own business prospects and aesthetics. White label software can be easily given a unique identity, like adding the brand logo and colour scheme of the buyer company. Besides, it can be injected with new ideas that the organization, buying it, would feel necessary for it to possess.

The White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange software would already overcome certain levels of tests that it has undergone in the different phases of its early development. The organization which is going to purchase the software product would not need a vast team of technical resource to oversee and review the software, as a White label software is already up and running and pre-tested as well as adaptive to change and unlimited customization.

White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange oriented software saves organizations the valuable time that would be spent while supervising the development process of any software. It saves organizations from the trial and error method which would be cumbersome and financially a handful. White label cryptocurrency exchange based software are kept simple where the buying organizations can make interface related changes without having to interfere with the technical infrastructure. To make the marketing process all the more effective, the White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange related software is open to rebranding that involves the change in brand logos, user interface and design layout. Organizations can stand out with their remodeled White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange related solution owing to the unlimited channels of customization. The User Interface, trade engine, and the admin panel are mostly always developed with these White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange solutions which only leaves the options for the buyer to customize the model further according to their new ideas and business model.

White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange solutions increase the potential that enhances returns on investment. Besides offering faster deployment, it also offers prompt strategies to organizations who lack technical experience to build their own cryptocurrency exchange software.

White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange solutions service providers are a great help to let organizations jumpstart their very own Cryptocurrency Exchange. Enlisted below are some of the best White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange solutions service providers.

HashCash Consultants

The California-based company HashCash Consultants enables enterprises to move assets and settle payments across borders in real time using Blockchain technology. This company was mentioned as one of the top blockchain development companies by a review firm. With plenty of experience in the Blockchain arena, HashCash Consultants offers a plethora of services concerning White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange solutions. The cryptocurrency exchange software that they provide is a high-frequency trading platform for digital assets. The white label software is SegWit enabled along with supporting multi-signature and multi-currency prospects. The white label cryptocurrency exchange software also supports USD, Euro, and major fiat world currencies. It protects users against 3-point architecture and DB encryption hacks by providing bank-level defenses.

Boasting a Multi-signature cold wallet and encrypted hot wallet, it also supports multiple cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, XRP, HCX, and ERC20 tokens. The architecture lets users customize easily by enabling them to add or remove cryptocurrencies. Enhancing safety, the white label cryptocurrency software also enables the users to conduct geography-specific KYC and AML checks for compliance. Enriched with advanced features like SegWit, BIP-32, and Firebase, it also comes with a price-time priority matching engine which can be easily customized.

PayBito is HashCash Consultants' cryptocurrency asset trading platform. PayBito is recognized as the top white-label crypto exchange provider in 2023 by a global Tech Research firm. You can log in/create an account on the PayBito Exchange demo environment Here.

Shift Markets

Having launched over sixty cryptocurrency exchanges, the New York based organization, Shift Markets stands apart with their state of the art services. The white label cryptocurrency exchange solutions provider offers a plethora of services that boasts a flexible and secure wallet infrastructure. A modern User Interface, as well as a well-built order and risk management system, helps the buyers to move forward, their cryptocurrency exchange. The multi-currency trading platform that they build is also enriched with integrated cold storage wallets.


Hailing from Canada, Coinsquare comes with years of experience and expertise that fuel their passion to focus on top-notch security and customer satisfaction. The White label Cryptocurrency exchange software that they provide comes integrated with KYC and payment processors which would help in a faster and efficient user verification. With the access to the best solutions and practices, they also enable the buyers to use the customized style guide that contains platform innovation in multiple languages, involving multiple currencies. A licensing team would help the buyers to launch the project and get a grip of the market, while Coinsquare’s deep liquidity pool would help in sourcing liquidity. Above all, a dedicated support team would walk the buyers through the A to Z of the administrative portal.


BlockEx, a well-known player in the Blockchain field takes pride in managing the entire lifecycle of Blockchain based digital assets. Starting from issuance, origination, settlement, exchange, and redemption — BlockEx deals with every intricacy with utmost expertise. The White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange solutions provider assists the buyers with useful digital asset creation tool, Brokerage software, clearing, exchange, settlement, and registry. It is also HFT capable and boasts an institutional connectivity via API FIX and ITCH protocols.


Offering a user-friendly experience, Ibinex offers White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange solutions that would let buyers easily customize their own platform. Aside from offering liquidity and OTC based solutions for delivery and leveraged trading, Ibinex also assists with mobile apps software that has a detailed back-end service.


Based in Germany, Draglet is a popular White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange solutions provider that focuses mainly on Bitcoin exchanges but supports all the well-known cryptocurrencies. Draglet offers a transparent and upfront pricing that is further complemented by their flexible micro service approach. A high uptime makes the experience of the buyers all the more superior.


A famous name in the field of domain registration and cloud solutions, IWando has also created a remarkable portfolio as a White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange solutions provider. Boasting authentic live demo, they also offer intuitive and straightforward User Interface along with transparent pricing for trading pair packages.


Helping transform businesses through cutting-edge technologies, Prolitus is a well-known White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange solutions provider in the Crypto world. The software that they produce comes with integrated wallets and payment gateways which also contains advanced and basic KYC modules. With options for both centralized and decentralized platforms, Prolitus keeps the option open to link white label cryptocurrency software to Data Analytics platforms. The analytical dashboards that the software comes with is an added feature.


Armoured with thirty plus ready to go products to enhance any business in the FinTech sector, UpTrader also offers White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange solutions. The services that they provide let the buyers have access to MT4 and a wide range of trading instruments. Popular and exotic currency pairs, as well as CFD shares, can be added to the dashboard of the cryptocurrency exchange on request to customize it. Coming with A-Book and B-book business models, UpTrader also produces software that can launch binary options.


Espay offers an all-inclusive White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange solution to any organization that is looking to set up a successful cryptocurrency exchange. The white label exchange that they produce, boasts digital coins such as Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, XRP, Bitcoin, and Litecoin. Besides, it enables the brokers to have a surveillance on their customers’ accounts in real time basis.



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