Top ICO Service Providers of 2021

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The democratization cryptocurrencies have brought into the financial world is unprecedented, and has motivated potential entrepreneurs to get right down to the business of raising funds for their dream projects, that too without the caveat to compromise with autonomy.

Companies, mainly blockchain-based, and dealing with cryptocurrency are hoarding to ICO launch platforms to present their project to the entire world as a crowdfunding campaign in a bid to draw in attract investors from across the globe, and actually make anyone with access to the internet a potential investor. Anybody in the world, no matter what their location, can throw in their dollar into this project or company, taking away the exclusivity that was once solely held by wealthy venture capitalists, who took away more than they were willing to give.

The very concept of an ICO has been designed to draw in those who do not want to wait too long to make money, or earn a profit from an investment, and want to see results in the shortest timeline. Similar to company owners who do not wish to get stuck in the slow-moving multiple rounds of angel funding, the investors to choose to channel their money into ICOs with an intent to not have to wait for years for an enterprise to reach maturity, bring its shares to the public in way of an IPO, and only then be able to liquidate their holding. The very option of liquidating one’s stakes is available to an investor in an ICO format within weeks of a coin launch, shrinking the time gap by multiple folds as compared to the older method.

Therefore, just as important as it is for companies looking to introduce their own native digital asset to find a reliable and efficient ICO launchpad, it is of equal interest to investors to be aware of service providers who are known to introduce new coins with actual potential. For both parties, here is a list of ten of the top-performing ICO service providers of 2018:

HashCash Consultants

1. Hashcash Consultants | end-to-end ICO marketing service

The California-based blockchain company earned popularity as one of the most efficient providers of blockchain-powered banking and financial solutions, their products in use by a lengthy list of A-list corporate houses across several nations. It has caught up to the increasing demand for ICO service providers and has converged its experience in the sector to formulate a platform and marketing strategy for new tokens that is bringing in the litany of enterprises to sign up for their services in the USA, Singapore, and Australia, among other places.

HashCash ICO stage offers the capability to manage the ICO process throughout its lifecycle in a regulated and compliant manner. HashCash services extend beyond the ICO phase to listing tokens on various global exchanges. HashCash owns PayBito, the US-based global exchange where ICO clients can list their tokens if approved by PayBito underwriting. Additionally, HashCash, the largest white label provider of cryptocurrency exchanges is able to create listing opportunities for ICO clients in many global exchanges set up by them.

Blockchain Valley Ventures

2. Blockchain Valley Ventures (BVV) | Full-service ICO agency, incubator

Based in Switzerland, Blockchain Valley Ventures (BVV) is a venture firm that incubates, develops and invests into businesses enabled by blockchain. Although a byproduct of Lykke Corporation, itself a renowned name in blockchain-based business models and blockchain-powered trading, BVV has its area of expertise is in blockchain technology, Initial Token Offerings advisory and early stage venture investments. The incubation stages in this company are done from their own funding and utilization of investment vehicles, namely the Blockchain Investment Opportunities Note, in cooperation with Vicenda.


3. ICOBox | ICO agency

ICO Box is a very popular, and large, Blockchain Growth Promoter and Business Facilitator for enterprises seeking to bring their product or service to the public via ICO crowdsales. Some of the advantages they provide to potential clients include No restrictions in payment methods, Setting up rules to select eligible token buyers, and an automated special offers system.

4. Chaineum | Full service ICO agency

Founded by Laurent Leloup, Chaineum is a leading self-regulated ICO advisory firm based in France, and Switzerland. They are a reputable provider of end-to-end services to companies that are looking to raise capital (STO) and non-dilutive capital (ICO). Chaineum helps to come up with a marketing strategy, and provides advice in Blockchain technologies to investors and financial companies alike.

5. Ceito | Technical environment

The Singapore based integrated workflow platform guides project owners with navigating through the complicated process of raising funds to ensure the safe and law-compliant execution of their ICO. The growing population of investors has provided a sizeable clientele to Ceito who trust the ICO service provider to host credible new digital assets with a potential to increase in value.

6. Bitcoin Suisse | Full service ICO agency

With non-banking assets and alternate finances gaining prominence, ICO service provider Bitcoin Suisse operating from Switzerland has seen a surge in engagement. The company specializes in decentralized ​ or digital finance​, can serve as an intermediary in financial transactions, provides consultation and solutions based on blockchain technology. Two interesting projects they have taken up include establishing Bitcoin ATMs (BTMs) in every the major Swiss population centers, and issuance of physical Bitcoin Certificates.

7. Crypto Gang | Branding, ICO Websites

The firm has presence in Ukraine and Poland, and aids in marketing blockchain startups and ICOs with crypto-focused branding, and providing service to create relevant and catchy designs for logos, project websites and pitch decks, one-pagers and other visual materials. The team at Crypto Gang believes that just having a great idea is not enough anymore, and unless it is executed in a way that draws the attention of the target market, it is quite impossible to execute a project in its full capacity. Creating a unique corporate brand identity is central to their operations.

8. Swisscom Blockchain | Full service ICO agency

Another one of the popular ICO service providers based in Switzerland Blockchain Swisscom arose from Swisscom telecommunications operator. The ICO services it provides includes building and running a secure decentralized exchanges and smart contracts required to launch successful initial coin offerings (ICO). Swisscom Blockchain provides all tools, methods and partners to optimize the process of a coin launch, and goes beyond just technical implementation to extend support after launch as well.

9. Priority Token | Full service ICO agency

This ICO service provider based in Russia has an experienced team of professionals running its operations, and offers investment consulting, marketing and technical support. Apart from other features, their platform has a Referral program that sets up referral bonus for investors that are automatically disbursed after every crowdsale stage.

10. Element Group | Full service ICO agency

Element Group is a US based enterprise that provides comprehensive advisory for the digital asset capital markets that manages investment, OTC Trading, and technology services in an integrative form.

The company executes token sales and ICOs, coordinates between investors and issuers, provides guidance for structuring and process, and avails OTC liquidity to institutional counter-parties.



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