Top Five ICO Whitepaper Service Providers Of 2019

Before we start about ICO whitepaper service providers, let us delve into what to look for in an ICO whitepaper. This information goes a long way when you are trying to determine if an ICO is worth investing in, and therefore is of importance to businesses who are trying to convince investors to put their money into a project. Some of the basic yet fundamental points to be noted are as follows:

1. The primary concern is to lucidly outline the use case, which involves pointing out a problem and how the business proposition could solve it — Often some whitepapers don’t have much of a plan nor a product per se. They have zero traction as neither do they have a community of people who are following them nor any users. But they still might be trying to raise a significant amount of money running into millions. Such a whitepaper would not attract investors as they generally look for something more substantial to back up a fundraiser and get a better idea of how the funds are going to be utilized.

2. This will be followed by information on how many tokens will be sold since businesses don’t necessarily sell all of the tokens they create.

3. It is important to state the team members behind the ICO. If one has to invest in an ICO, it is imperative to know who is running the show — the programmers, the lead developers, and their professional background and track record. One can have a great idea but an inferior team to take the project down the drain. The opposite, by that logic, is also true where a mediocre idea worked upon by a great team turns out to be a success.

4. Explain the token plan, and how the venture is going to deploy the tokens — It’s also important to know which exchange, if any, the tokens are going to be listed on.

5. The inclusion of a developmental roadmap — This will give a clear idea of the short term and long term goals of the project.

Having said this, it is interesting to note that although the whitepaper for Bitcoin — the cryptocurrency that started the trend of blockchain and cryptocurrency a decade back — was just eight pages long, the average length of a whitepaper now is a hundred pages. It is therefore crucial for enterprises that are serious about their ICOs to seek the expertise of reliable ICO service providers. Unfortunately, there is a plethora of those in the market right now which makes it extremely complicated to narrow down the best ones available.

Here is a list of five ICO service providers who have a commendable track record for you to consider:

1. HashCash Consultants — The ICO platform by California-based blockchain experts comes with an end-to-end ICO process management system with separate interfaces for investors, contract owners, and the ICO service providers. Its API is integrated with major exchanges and smart contracts enable the deployment of universal ERC 20 standard tokens.

Comprehensive platform analytics appraises contract owner of the business operations occurring on it in real-time. The white label ICO platform offered by HashCash Consultants is protected against DDoS attacks by two-factor authentication and data encryption.


Element Group is a well-known name in the sea of ICO marketing agencies. It provides an array of comprehensive services which includes organizing token sales and ICOs, facilitating interaction between issuers and buyers, and streamlining marketing processes. The company specializes in asset management and assists in capital markets, and technology. Its high-end advisory services have proved instrumental in the integration of crypto economics within traditional finance fields.

3. Crowdcreate

Crowdcreate, based in LA, this is a famous marketing agency concerned with crypto marketing channels. The agency manages branding, designing and video production, media management, PR outreach, and influencer marketing. A data-driven approach, they say, is behind the success of every campaign.


ICOBOX, Russian company, provides a range of necessities for any ICO project. This includes whitepaper writing, legal assistance, and aid in every other major process that makes a good ICO campaign. Of these, it is their PR capabilities they are best known for.


Bitcoin Suisse excels in managing alternative finances and non-banking assets which are different from the traditional banking establishments. While Bitcoin remains their focus, the company is also recognized for extending services and consultation to other cryptocurrency-related projects.

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