Top 10 Trending Blockchain Application Development Companies in 2019

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Technology has a habit of constantly upgrading itself into something bigger and better, leaving its impression across all industries. Anyone who aspires growth has to side with the trending technology and implement it to upgrade them as well. It is a well-known fact that there has been a lot of work going on in the field of blockchain and this should come as no surprise that most industries are trying to implement it to streamline their operations and make it tech-friendly.

Businessmen all over are looking forward to creating their applications and projects powered by the blockchain technology. For that what one needs is a reliable blockchain partner, to help them create a fully functional and updated app.

However, amidst the scores of blockchain app development companies, choosing the one that suits one’s needs can be tricky. But not to worry, here we have a list of the most trustworthy companies that are doing some remarkable in blockchain apps.

Choosing the right blockchain development company is of precedence

Finding the right blockchain company for app development can be a tad difficult, but here are a few steps that you can take to ease the process:

  1. Firstly, you need to take a closer look at the company profile and previous works in the blockchain.
  2. Check out the expertise level of the app developers working for that company by asking the concerning bodies.
  3. Make sure to go through all the blockchain-related services provided by the company.
  4. You can go through the reviews and testimonials posted about the company by the previous clients.

Top blockchain development companies for your reference

Now that we have already given you an overview of how to choose, let’s get you acquainted with the list of companies that you can think of hiring the services from.



Location — Copenhagen, Denmark
Founded — 2014
The company is known to provide innovative and high-performance blockchain services to its clients comprising of both big companies as well as start-ups. The company creates custom scalable blockchain apps on platforms like Ethereum, BitShares, Hyperledger, etc. They also create and develop public and private blockchain programming projects for their clients.

☀ Hashcash Consultants

Hashcash Consultants

Location — Palo Alto, CA
Founded — 2015
With offices in the USA, UAE, Singapore, and Australia, HashCash Consultants provides clients with highly functional and advanced blockchain app development solutions. They provide AI, Big Data and Blockchain products and platforms to create a competitive advantage for their global clients.



Location — Ukraine
Founded — 1991
ELEKS has been at the forefront of the blockchain development on a global scale. They partner with enterprises and SMEs and the company helps them by providing digital support they need to revamp their operations by utilizing innovative technologies. Their services range from software development, product design, and consultation.

☀ ConsenSys


Location — San Francisco, CA
Founded — 2015
If you are into blockchain then chances are you have already heard about ConsenSys being one of the biggest names in blockchain right now. From building high-performance apps and platforms to web 3.0 tools, ConsenSys can provide clients with the best solutions in the form of excellent blockchain services.

☀ Infopulse


Location — Ukraine
Founded — 1991
As of 2019, the international software development company has 1900+ experts and multiple branches across Europe. Their client base mostly consists of enterprises in the banking, finance, automotive, telecommunications, healthcare manufacturing, insurance, and other sectors. They also have some significant government tie-ups that give them the leverage to be a part of the technological evolution on a global scale.

☀ MixBytes


Location — Moscow, Russia
Founded — 2017
The company is doing some exceptional work in the blockchain domain. They are a team of experienced and knowledgeable developers who are dedicated to providing innovative blockchain solutions to their clients. Their services also cover smart contract security audits and tech consultation.

☀ PixelPlex


Location — New York
Founded — 2007
PixelPlex is quite popular for its work in blockchain technology and has offices in more than 100 countries. The company also dabbles in Cyber Security, Big Data, cloud, and AI. They are known to provide their clients with effective web and mobile solutions powered by the latest tech.

☀ SteelKiwi


Location — Odesa, Ukraine
Founded — 2011
This blockchain development company is known to use high tech frameworks that are used to increase the scalability of the blockchain applications. Its active and unique methods of app development makes it one of the most coveted blockchain app development companies in the market.

☀ Altoros


Location — Sunnyvale, CA
Founded — 2001
A consultancy and professional services organization, Altoros contributes by making sustainable products out of innovative technologies. The company provides its clients with a complete development process comprising of training, methodology and technical support related to cloud computing, AI and blockchain technology.

☀ LeewayHertz


Location — San Francisco, CA
Founded — 2007
LeewayHertz has been instrumental in creating blockchain applications that are collectively making a difference in the entire blockchain ecosystem globally. They mostly serve startups and their services range from design, development, deployment, and maintenance of digital products and applications. They also provide support in areas of AI, IoT, and Cloud.
These are some of the big names in the blockchain development right now that you should follow and keep a track of for future availing of technological services.



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