Top 10 Blockchain Development Companies to Watch Out for in 2020

Blockchain technologies, once touted as merely experimental in nature have now become one of the top upcoming technologies as of 2020. Blockchain has emerged as a technology having a myriad of applications in various emerging fields from banking and the financial services sector to retail, manufacturing and IT industry. A blockchain digitally stores a monetary transaction in a virtual ledger record.

According to a 2019 Delloite report, highlighting the global blockchain implementation survey in different companies across various sectors, out of more than 1300 senior executives from enterprises valued at $100-$500 million, more than 40% of respondents said that they were willing to invest $5 million in blockchain implementation in their businesses, the report also highlighted that companies that considered blockchain technologies vital to their businesses, increased by a margin of 10%.

As such, blockchain development is witnessing a significant increase in demand from many industries looking to secure their data in a tamper-proof system which protects their payments and transactions in a secure blockchain environment.

As of 2020, top blockchain development companies are innovating and offering different customizable solutions for enterprises. By offering solutions in terms of IoT, AI, BigData and IT and ITeS enabled services to banks, financial institutions, IT companies, retailers and other sectors.

If you are looking forward to selecting the best and most innovative companies pushing blockchain development, this list highlights the top 10 most innovative companies pushing innovation in blockchain development and offering solutions to various problems facing cyber security threats, blockchain development, design and customization and application development.

Before selecting the right Blockchain companies for your enterprise, it is important to note the following requirements,

  • The overall brand recognition and market experience of the company.
  • Understanding own goals for blockchain implementation in the enterprise.
  • The team size and knowledge of the developer teams and their field of knowledge.
  • Its clientele base and the major companies who have recommended their services.
  • The types of blockcain services, platforms and technologies that the company offers.
  • Does it provide end to end blockchain development solutions to different business problems? And does it match various blockchain trends in the industry?
  • The number of completed blockchain projects, their turnaround times TAT’s, their quality of work and their success rates for blockchain implementation for clients.
  • Their hourly billing rates for various projects.

This comprehensive list covers the best and most innovative blockchain development companies in 2020 to look out for.

Top 10 Blockchain Development Companies in 2020:

Key Insights:
A global software company, Hashcash’s blockchain products provide various business solutions to enterprises and industries. These innovative blockchain products enable enterprises to move and settle financial assets and provide platforms for enabling payments, provides for real time remittances across national and international borders, process payments and much more. It runs the US based crypto exchange PayBito and BillBitcoins, the digital asset payment processor.The company provides exchange and payment processor software solutions, cryptocurrency development services, customized use cases and ICO services. Hashcash innovates in new technologies through implementation of Blockchain1o1 programs and Satoshi Angels, its investment arm. The company also provides AI, IoT and Big data solutions via its products, platforms and services. The company believes in promoting new and innovative blockchain development solutions to banks, financial markets, supply chains and gaming companies.

Headquarters: The Company is headquartered in CA, USA with offices in Australia, UAE and Singapore.

Key Services: White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange & Payment Processor, HC Remit, Corporate Payment, Cryptocurrency Development & ICO Solution, Blockchain Digital Identity, IoT, AI and IT services.

Key Clientele: Key clients include IBM, Deutsche Bank, DBS, Diamante Blockchain, HDFC bank, Microsoft, Remitr, Hana financial group, Torfix, HBL and many more.

Key Insights:
It is a top rated software development company with a workforce of 2000 dedicated software developers. The company helps medium-sized companies with their business solutions. The company has experience in 1500+ projects across the globe. The company is into full scale blockchain development and implementation. It creates smart contracts, provides ICO development and audit along with other enterprise solutions. The company provides solutions to enterprises to prevent transaction frauds and controls and protects client data.

Headquarters: Denver, CO​

Key Services: Blockchain development, Big data & analytics, Business intelligence, Business process management etc.

Key Clientele: clients include Toyota, Expedia, adidas micoach, Product madness.

Key Insights:
It is a custom software company established in 2009 and is one of the forefront companies in software development. Mobidev is a mobile software development company with 350 completed projects for clients across 20+ countries. It has a dedicated team of 300 developers on its teams. It is engaged in a number of completed projects in IT services and implements blockchain implementation.

Headquarters: Headquartered in Atlanta, GA.

Key services: it focuses on Hyperledger and Ethereum blockchains for its decentralized business level applications. It provides over 320 software products for clients ranging from enterprises to startups. It also implements IoT technologies and The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) in different firms.

Key clientele: From large corporate enterprises to startups, comcash, Secure group, Just energy, SMS group, Quality bridge and more.

Key Insights:
PixelPlex is a blockchain and custom software development solutions company which has offices located in Geneva and New York. The company has delivered over 300 + projects to clients. The company provides the best of blockchain, IoT-based applications, artificial intelligence and cutting edge solutions in game development and AR/VR Experiences. It also provides web and mobile technology based applications. The company has, since 2007, been helping its clients of different capacities by delivering adequate software and blockchain development solutions and services. The company provides blockchain consulting, DApp development, smart contracts development & audit, Cryptocurrency exchange development,Cryptocurrency wallet development, as well as many other blockchain-based solutions.

Headquarters: New York, US.

Key Services: The Company provides blockchain consulting, DApp development, smart contracts development & audit, Cryptocurrency exchange development, Cryptocurrency wallet development, as well as many other blockchain-based solutions.

Key Clientele: Swisscom blockchain, AMBC, UIC, RISE, r3, QTUM, BMW and more.

Key Insights:
A software development company headquartered in Washington, D.C. with a global footprint of 10 offices in different countries. Their services include Dapps, smart contracts and crypto token development using innovative technologies like hyper ledger, Corda, etherium etc. The company is listed among top B2B enterprises in Norway in 2018 by clutch. It has a presence in 10 countries including Australia, Canada Switzerland and India. The company has successfully completed and carried out 600 projects for more than 140 clients across the globe. The company specifically targets the banking and finance and manufacturing industries.

Headquarters: Accubits is headquartered in Virginia, USA.

Key Services: Blockchain development, AI implementation, product development, Data analytics and blockchain implementation, Businesses intelligence, enterprise solutions and native applications development.

Key Clientele: The company is involved in blockchain implementation in BFSI, Retail, Healthcare and education sectors.

Key Insights:
The company is a digital consultancy with a strong international presence. The company has exceptional industry knowledge with strong technical roots. The company prides itself in building an international team and having efficient communication and transparency with regards to building and designing customizable mobile and web applications to provide cutting edge solutions to clients. The company is focused on blockchain development and its key clients include the Guardian Soulmates, Solita, Sanoma, BioMensio, Ensto, OyOttoboni, MeBeGood, StoreMe and more. The blockchain projects of the company include projects undertaken for MakerDao, GHP, CloseCross, Gabrotech. The company provides expertise in blockchain advisory and strategy development services by providing the best ROI for their projects.

Headquarters: It is headquartered inPoznań, Poland.

Key Services: Blockchain development, blockchain implementation and integration into businesses processes, online payment solutions, blockchain innovations and enterprise excellence.

Key Clientele: Lifestage Solutions AG, MapJam, Inscripta, Mightifier and more.

Key Insights:
The company is a leading blockchain development company based in Nevada. The company specializes in Dapp development and implementation and blockchain-powered platform development across various industries. The company provides consulting services, smart contracts and e wallet services to customers. Inn4Science provides 24/7 support to its customers. Its team comprises 40 dynamic blockchain development professionals capable of providing support to its many clients and excellent support across all different stages of project development.

Headquarters: Las Vegas, Nevada.

Key Services: Cryptocurrencies Exchanges Development, Cryptocurrencies Wallet Development, New Cryptocurrency Development, Private Blockchain Development and DApp Development.

Key Clientele: crypto exchanges, E wallets, Betting platforms are its major clients.

Key Insights:
The company founded just a few years ago has already come to work with global giants with the likes of Bits of gold and IBM. The company’s services include software development in terms of public and private blockchain development, hard forks and smart contracts that are implemented by a dedicated development team. The company’s services include providing blockchain development services to financial institutions, logistic industries and healthcare services providers. The company has headquarters in 7 different countries including Israel, Canada and Norway.

Headquarters: Kharkov, Ukraine

Key Services: high-end software, blockchain and UI/UX design solutions and software development services, app development, backend, AI and machine learning applications.

Key Clientele: More than 200+ high scale corporate enterprise and governmental projects. Clients include Octomni, Nexar, Agrieye and Corum.

Key Insights:
The company is into development of mobile apps, blockchain and connected experiences. The company develops mobile and voice apps, IoT-based smart products and develops blockchain technology for its customers. The company provides UX/UI design, quality assurance, engineering solutions and mobile application development. The company has 10 years of experience in software development helps companies to transform their business processes through the application of blockchain based apps and uses blockchain based technologies to provide custom solutions for its clients.

Headquarters: San Francisco California.

Key Services: UX/UI design, quality assurance, engineering solutions and mobile application development.

Key Clientele: The key clients of the company include Hawaiian Airlines, 3M, Hewlett Packard, Marriott, Audi, Mc cormick and others.

10. 4IRE Labs

It has a team of professional software developers who have delivered quality blockchain services, which include providing smart contracts and Dapp development based on Truffle, Aragon and solidity. The company is headquartered in Ukraine and has successfully completed projects around the globe. The company is one of the leading innovators in the field of blockchain development and its successful implementation in real estate, banking, insurance, finance and agriculture. The company is listed among the topmost blockchain companies in 2019 according to It has office locations in Estonia, Sweden and Estonia.

Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden.

Key Services: Security Management on Blockchain, Digital Banking Solutions, Assets Tokenization & Management, Financial Escrow Platforms and DeFi Development.

Key Clientele: 200+ finished projects in reputable companies.

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