Sessia: The Cashback Universe & Social Network at Your Fingertips

The pandemic era has changed our lives by transferring most daily routines online. Now, education, work, shopping, and even meeting with friends take place on the web. That is why we find changing online sales with profitable cashback so extremely important. Just stay at home, buy your favourite goods, and get rewarded with cashback.

The Role of Sessia

Sessia is a unique blockchain-based marketplace. This huge ecosystem represents multiple services both for users and companies, brands, and stores.

For Users:

· Loyalty platform with the largest selection of shops given special cashback for Sessia users
· Social network where your friends and you can share bills to earn on cashback and kickbacks with ease

For Businesses:

· CRM connected to cashback and social network systems
· Marketplace where a company, brand, or store can start a business and find customers just in several clicks for free
· Marketing tool for viral promotion

Cashback and Kickback — What is That?

Cashbacks and kickbacks are both a given back percentage of the amount spent. Just buy anything and get your percentage back! Cashbacks are paid in fiat while kickbacks are credited in KICKS, the tokens of Sessia.

Let’s figure out how it works. Imagine, you had diner at a restaurant, got your cashback, and our system has published your bill automatically on the Sessia social network. Anyone of your friends who are registered on Sessia can see the bill and this fact would be recorded on the blockchain. Then, if this friend has dinner at the same restaurant, you get rewarded with kickbacks just for your friend has seen your bill.

You earn money and have a lot of fun. Catch a lot of pleasure while sharing your bills and tracking your friend's activities. This is a great opportunity to implement blockchain and cryptocurrency into your daily life and to earn crypto from scratch.

In further posts, we will tell you about Sessia, kickbacks, and KICKS much more. Stay tuned!




Passionate about blogging on Cryptocurrency, Blockchain applications, Artificial Intelligence & IoT.

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Maria Garcia

Maria Garcia

Passionate about blogging on Cryptocurrency, Blockchain applications, Artificial Intelligence & IoT.

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