SESSIA Attracts Millennials with Its KICKS-back Token, Listed on PayBito Exchange

Known for being a one-of-a-kind blockchain-based marketplace, SESSIA, while rapidly growing in global prominence has conquered the Millennials and Generation-Z consumer base with a reportedly increased platform activity. According to company sources, it has been revealed in the internal market analysis that SESSIA-KICKS has become quite popular among the tech-savvy generation, who extensively use online platforms for education, banking, and shopping, etc. rather than the traditional means of availing the same services. This particular target audience group has also shown signs of being open to crypto adoption and use ensuing great prospects for SESSIA’s KICKS token.

Speaking about SESSIA and their plans for advancement, Narek Sirakanyan, the President and Founder of SESSIA commented, “We are excited about the millennial response and while working on keeping up with that popularity, SESSIA is focussing on the other consumer demographics as well. The pandemic has caused a shift in consumer behavior, where people, irrespective of their age and affiliations have been compelled to adopt and use digital platforms and they are finding convenience in it. This is just the ideal time for us to take initiatives for stimulating these minor shifts into a global adoption phenomenon. We are planning to do the same with our SESSIA-KICKS platform by increasing its accessibility to a larger user base.

The Ecosystem of SESSIA-KICKS

A unique conjunction of ecommerce and social media, SESSIA’s ecosystem entails an assortment of services that are beneficial for brands, companies, stores, and consumers. The platform users are benefitting from the loyalty program involving an assortment of retail options with profitable KICKS rewards. The social network model manifests into a perfect avenue for user engagement like sharing bills and earning kickbacks and cashbacks on the SESSIA platform.

From the business point of view, companies and brands get a great tool for promotion and an advanced virtual marketplace without any third party or centralized to interfere with business growth.

The loyalty program involving the KICKS token is the unique-selling-point of SESSIA, where one can earn a significant percentage of the amount spent on shopping through SESSIA via KICKS kickback, while the cashbacks are paid in fiat currency. Users can buy KICKS on PayBito exchange.


Passionate about blogging on Cryptocurrency, Blockchain applications, Artificial Intelligence & IoT.

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Maria Garcia

Maria Garcia

Passionate about blogging on Cryptocurrency, Blockchain applications, Artificial Intelligence & IoT.

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