Leading Exchanges in India with EOS Coin Listing

Traders are keen on trading with different Altcoins instead of restricting themselves to a few with high market volume. Explore EOS as a viable trading asset and discover the cryptocurrency exchanges in India that cater to your diverse crypto needs.

What is EOS?

Launched in 2017, EOS is a comparatively new player among the crypto assets yet actively traded all over the world. It is the native digital asset that runs on the EOS.IO blockchain. EOS made headlines by raising $4 billion in ICO (2018). It was created to find sustainable solutions to the problems inherent with Bitcoin and Ethereum. These tokens can be pegged for funding DApps within the EOS.IO ecosystem. According to Coin Market Cap, the current global rank of EOS is 12.

There are two ways that one can get their hands on EOS coins, which are by mining and by buying it through cryptocurrency exchanges. There are not many exchanges globally that allow you to trade or offer a fair price for EOS. Global exchanges like Binance, PayBito, Bitfinex, and Kraken are few legit ones where you can trade EOS. PayBito operates in India as well with full INR support, making it possible for traders in the region to buy EOS at a fair price in comparison to others operational in the country.

Where in India can one buy EOS?

India, at present, is enjoying its crypto industry boom with lots of new ventures and global collaborations in the pipeline. The traders are also making the best use of this phase, which is evident from the frequent trading surges experienced across exchanges operating in India.

Along with seamless trading experience and advanced features, users seek a diverse crypto portfolio so that they can expand their trading activities. They are keen on buying and investing in different digital assets to diversify their trade as well. If you are looking for cryptocurrency exchanges in India that offer EOS for trading, then here are your best options:


PayBito is the leading global exchange operational India. It is also one of the first to initiate trading activities in the region as early as 2016. However, due to the crypto ban, they had to cease the operations, and earlier this year, as the ban lifted, the global exchange has resumed activities introducing upgraded features, along with an extensive collection of crypto assets, which includes EOS. Among exchanges operational in India, at PayBito one can get the best prices of EOS. Since they offer INR support for withdrawal and deposit, buying crypto in native currency is easy as well. They have a varied combination of trading pairs that provide the user with more trading options. PayBito also offers the lowest trading fees among Indian exchanges, making it one of the best avenues for your EOS trading.


CoinDCX is an Indian exchange powered by the Singapore based crypto financial service provider DCX, and they are operational in multiple geographies. Like PayBito, CoinDCX offers a variety of crypto assets to the traders, but the prices tend to be higher than the former. Nevertheless, CoinDCX has EOS listed on the platform with multi-currency support and multiple trading pairs expanding options for the traders. The exchange enables zero withdrawal and deposit fees, facilitating trade in seconds. The trader can earn interest by lending the crypto asset, which is one of the standout features of CoinDCX.


The last in the list in WazirX, the Indian cryptocurrency exchange at presently works under Binance exchange post-acquisition. WazirX is known for its advanced security, which is ensured by undertaking regular security audits. Owing to Binance’s reputation, the exchange has earned immense popularity among the local traders. Compared to other local exchanges, WazirX offers a significant number of crypto assets, including EOS, offering moderate prices for the same.

Most of the cryptocurrency exchanges in India offer a limited number of digital assets for trading, restricting their portfolio to Bitcoin, Ethereum, and a few of the first generation digital assets. It is difficult to find a reliable exchange with good prices and options in trading pairs along with multi-currency support to enjoy a rewarding trading experience. Hopefully following the exchanges above will help you buy more coins at favorable prices and invest in varied assets.




Passionate about blogging on Cryptocurrency, Blockchain applications, Artificial Intelligence & IoT.

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Maria Garcia

Maria Garcia

Passionate about blogging on Cryptocurrency, Blockchain applications, Artificial Intelligence & IoT.

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