Joining The Dots: Why Child Hunger Still Remains The Biggest Obstacle To The Holistic Development Of Mankind?

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Child hunger is not specifically a scenario where the child misses multiple meals. Child hunger is the experience of food insecurity, malnutrition, and stunted development due to a lack of adequate food/nutrition. Chronic undernourishment is equivalent to hunger. The PayBito team recognizes the perils of leaving this global concern unattended and has formulated a campaign aiming to contribute to the global fight against child hunger.

What Is The Current Scenario Of The World?

Millions of children are within the lines of child hunger, and it is also causing 45% of the total death of children below the age of 5. Since child hunger is slowly declining, it should not be considered eradicated. In many countries, it is still the elephant in the room. Several organizations, corporates, and governments have lent their hands to create sustainable food sources, better value chains, financial inclusion, and more to curtail food insecurity.

However, several reasons have mushroomed into society to induce child hunger, including war, environmental elements, economic downturn, and the pandemic. Any aspect that affects food production, distribution, income, economic growth, and political stability would ultimately amplify child hunger.

How Is Child Hunger The Biggest Obstacle To Mankind’s Development?

United Nations defines mankind’s development as enlarging the choices for people. These choices should allow them to enjoy a healthy and valuable life with decent living standards, human rights, political freedom, and self-respect. In a world where a child has no assurance of the next meal, do you think he has choices? Without nourishment, you cannot establish self-respect, human rights, decent living standards, health, or a valuable living. So, by definition, child hunger is a massive obstacle to mankind’s development.

1. The Inferno Of Poverty

Lack of financial independence is a hindrance to any development. Child hunger and poverty go hand in hand, feeding each other. Hunger creates a generational poverty cycle. The poor cannot feed their families and are more likely to develop malnourished and uneducated next generation, who, in turn, fall deeper into the inferno circles.

2. A Decline In Cognitive Functions

According to a study, a malnourished child, when left hungry, would lead to reduced mental and behavioral performance. Think of a child going to school hungry. How well do you think he would concentrate on his academics, social skills, cognitive skills, and others? When a chronically malnourished and hungry child couldn’t gather the required mental and intellectual skills, he would end up as cheap labor in the future. According to a study, individuals exposed to nutritional food for two years had 46% more wage-earning power than others.

A substantially more annual wage would easily pull a household out of poverty, give financial stability, choices, decent living standards, and the other elements that the UN uses to define mankind’s development.

3. Economical Shunting

World Food Program estimates that by the end of this year, there will be 323 million severely food-insecure people. You could blame it on the pandemic, which nearly doubled the number of starving people. An economy would lose its competitive edge if a massive portion of this population could not achieve its potential. Child hunger affects a child’s job readiness in the future, which would lead to a long-term impact on the nation’s economic growth. Every year, Malawi loses 600 million dollars due to child malnutrition. This loss amounts to ten percent of its GDP.

4. Business Decline

A malnourished child grows up to be a less-than-healthy adult. An unhealthy adult is likelier to fall sick, catch an infection, or spread one. According to a study, businesses in developing or under-developed countries (low and middle-level income) lose $264.6 billion annually due to employee health issues rooted in chronic undernutrition during childhood. It also reduces a worker’s annual pay by 20% and a country’s GDP by 10.1%, according to research by The Power of Nutrition & Modern Scientist Global.

The same study also showed that if a government invests $1 in stunting reduction programs or initiatives, it could gain $81 in the future in national economic growth. It amounts to 8000% ROI.

5. Decline Of Motivation

Imagine a parent who has to watch his child go hungry or physically deteriorate due to a lack of nutrition. It leads to the intangible effect of human suffering, depression, and a decline in motivation. The negative impact of child hunger can be seen in terms of a lack of morality, which leads to a fall from commitment to be a good citizen, increasing crime rates, and further deteriorating economic and personal growth.

More than 350 million kids are in extreme poverty-riddled households where parents have to survive on $1.90 per day. In such a situation, those parents must make the heartbreaking decision of balancing feeding, household needs, healthcare, and more. In this hustle, the importance always goes to buying the cheapest food that would fill their belly rather than nutritional ingredients. On the other hand, most of us spend more than $2 on Starbucks every day.

A longitudinal study in Canada showed that food insecurity leads to poor health, which leads to a high risk of clinical depression, suicidal ideation, chronic health conditions, and more.

6. Unhealthy Generation Z

Food insecurity is highly correlated to a child’s worst health problems. A household struggling to give nutritious food would have difficulty finding funds for vitamin supplements or healthcare needs. 40% of children under five are iron deficient in developing countries. The future of mankind depends on scientific, economic, spiritual, and social development. What kind of development can be expected when almost half of our future generation is riddled with deficiencies?

Brokering World Hunger Away

It is clear that child hunger is not only one of the biggest detriments to economic development but also to humanity as a while. Global crypto exchange PayBito acknowledges the scenario and promises to take a stand for the better. And, they are assisting others in helping impoverished children worldwide, with the newly released campaign “Brokering World Hunger Away” movement.

A Dollar to Defeat Hunger Movement by PayBito

How do cryptocurrencies come into the picture? Here is a brief walkthrough of PayBito’s innovative campaign with a mission motto of “A Dollar to Defeat Hunger”.

The mainstream global relevance of cryptocurrencies has opened new opportunities for business enterprises to leverage digital assets through crypto trading and brokerage. PayBito has revolutionized the game, democratizing the technology for public access. Everyone from soccer moms to budding entrepreneurs and institutional investors can earn attractive commissions by offering crypto brokerage services, acting as an interface between their clients and the exchange. However, what sets it apart is its affordability, and ease of use. The platform sets up in minutes and is accessible over both web platforms and smartphones. And, in the fight against global malnutrition, PayBito has pledged to match and spend a dollar for every commission earned by its affiliate crypto brokers to feed hungry children across different locations around the world.

Suppose you are a crypto broker associated with PayBito. This means for every dollar earned by you through brokerage commission, PayBito will spend an equal amount i.e. 1 USD in the batter against global hunger. A collective contribution from crypto brokers around the world will push forward a positive change, sustaining hope for the future. After all, it is our children who will lead the upcoming generation. In the age of globalization, where the entire world is considered a global village, why not extend our hands and make an effort guided by humanity and empathy?

Wrapping Up

The mere thought of child hunger in an age where we are planning to inhabit other planets is shameful. When our basic requirements are not met, any development you build upon is just a Jenga tower. We may have progressed and advanced significantly, but science alone cannot solve all the problems of the world. Global crises such as child hunger and poverty require a united front across avenues that facilitate transparency and corruption. PayBito is doing its bit through the Brokering World Hunger Away movement, allowing everyone to join in on the mission. How about you?



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