How To Choose A Good White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Provider?


Properties to look for in a Good Crypto Exchange Software:

Given that the cryptocurrency market is relatively unpredictable, a percentage of people still have reservations about it. So, it should be understood that trading cryptocurrencies has risks involved. This, however, has not stopped the growth of the crypto space and the demand for cryptocurrency exchange software. Cryptocurrency exchanges are web services that demand performance, stability, security and a number of complex operations. Creating one from scratch, therefore, is a time consuming and arduous task, making the option to purchase a white label cryptocurrency exchange a good one.

What do you need to know when choosing a trading software for cryptocurrency?

The following are the fundamental traits that should be looked for in a cryptocurrency exchange software:

  1. Members — The KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) protocols should be strong. The users of the cryptocurrency exchange software are its members, and the more the members are, the faster the exchange will grow.
  2. KYC is especially important because user identification is crucial to a crypto exchange. Generally the verification process has two key stages — verification of the identity and verification of the address. These can be provided from a passport, ID or driver’s license.
  3. Components — A good cryptocurrency exchange software for P2P exchange consists of the following components without which the new exchange cannot survive:


There are innumerable sellers of white label cryptocurrency exchange software and this has its upside as well as down side. The large number of cryptocurrency exchange software providers has facilitated an ecosystem of cooperation among companies wherein each company can focus on their specialization (production and launch). Such a division of responsibilities optimizes processes and generates more profit.

  • 3-point architecture and database encryption.
  • 2 Integration with other exchanges through Crypto Liquidity.
  • iOS, Android support.
  • Capacity — 1,000,000 transactions per second.
  • Integrates with banking, payment and payment gateways, as well as with 200+ national currencies.
  • Advanced risk control.
  • Ability to run binary options.
  • A-Book and B-book business models.
  • Access to МТ4.
  • Ability to choose between a decentralized and centralized exchanger.
  • Integration with email, SMS and Google Authenticator.
  • Restriction on withdrawals, limit on the amount of deposit / withdrawal.
  • Basic and Advanced KYC module with customizable by country.
  • KYC wise Limits — restriction on withdrawals, restriction on the amount of deposit / withdrawal.
  • order and risk management systems;
  • secure and flexible wallet infrastructure;
  • two-factor authentication.

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