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Maria Garcia
2 min readDec 11, 2020


During this pandemic era, our daily routines have become online. Education, work, shopping, and simply meeting with friends now takes place on the web. We all like it when we get cashback — don’t pretend like you don’t pay for all those activities. This saves our money and allows us to get even more services and products. But what if you could get much more money back?

At Sessia, we are introducing kickback — an incommensurably more profitable and vital way of money-saving. Kickback is the thing destined to change the online sales and cashback universe. Stay home, buy your favourite goodies, and get rewarded with kickbacks.

Why Kickback Gives You so Much?

Kickbacks give back a percentage of the amount spent. You just buy anything and get your percentage back! Kickbacks are credited in KICKS, the internal currency of Sessia (token).

There is a pivotal difference between customary cashbacks and Sessia’s kickbacks. The second ones are completely unlimited. You get kickbacks not only for your specific bill but for all bills of your friends and even of the friends of your friends if they visit the same places as you, after your invitation. This time, by the invitation we mean your bill posted at Sessia.

How does it work? Imagine, you have just finished dinner at your favorite restaurant, you received your cashback, and our system has published your bill automatically on the Sessia social network (after your permission, of course). Any of your friends who are registered on Sessia can view the bill as this is recorded on the blockchain. Then, if this friend of yours has dinner at the same restaurant as you, you get rewarded with kickbacks simply because your friend viewed your bill. The same thing happens with his friends who spend money at the same restaurant. You get rewarded with kickbacks for them.

The Role of Sessia

Sessia is a unique blockchain-based marketplace. This huge ecosystem represents multiple services both for users and companies, brands, and stores.

For users:

  • Loyalty platform with the largest selection of shops and businesses giving special kickback for Sessia users
  • Social network where you and your friends can share the bill to earn on cashbacks and kickbacks with ease

For businesses:

  • CRM connected to kickback and social network systems
  • Marketplace where a company, brand, or store can start their business and find customers in just a few clicks for free
  • Marketing tool for viral promotion

So earn money and have fun doing it. Reap the benefit of sharing your bills and tracking your friends' activities. This is a great opportunity to implement blockchain and cryptocurrency into your daily life and earn crypto.

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In further posts, we will tell you about Sessia, the kickbacks, KICKS much more. Stay tuned!



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