Digital Asset Custody Solutions by PayBito Target Enterprises

Digital assets and the technology powering it have gone mainstream. Identifying the gap in the market, digital asset exchanges came up. The volume of trade on these exchanges led to the development of wallet software. As wallet software gained traction within the community of crypto traders, there arose the need for a more secure solution to protect the bulk assets held by the enterprises.

What is Crypto Custody?

To secure the storage of the crypto, particularly those in constituting the bulk holdings by enterprises, security vault systems are designed. This software holds the digital assets, offers convenient and relatively secure operations. Crypto Custody solutions form the latest innovations on the FinTech market and are seen as the harbinger of institutional capital entry into the digital currency market.

Cryptocurrency custody solutions provide safekeeping of the bulk assets by enforcing private key security to conduct transactions or access crypto holdings.

However, they are a challenge to memorize and are susceptible to hacking when stored online.

PayBito Custody Solution:

PayBito cryptocurrency custody solutions provide secure storage and operation functionalities for cryptocurrencies. PayBito makes for an excellent storage facility for institutional holders, such as hedge funds and cryptocurrency exchanges, who hold large amounts of digital assets.

The solution eclipses a hybrid multi-layer hot, warm, and cold storage system- unique and advanced in multiple ways. PayBito aims to outdo the expected benefits and overcome drawbacks of standard dual-layered storage procedures at the same time.

PayBito offers institution-grade custody solutions for Digital assets concerning the burgeoning Crypto industry. They facilitate maintenance and storage of your cryptocurrency assets by leveraging the most compliant user-friendly and secure custody solution within the market.

PayBito Custody Software Features:

To qualify as a secure storage vault providing institution-grade facilities, PayBito builds robust features fortifying its solutions.

  • Institution Grade Security

PayBito’s Custody Technology was developed by financial professionals and experts with decades in the domain and targeted at financial professionals. Our wallet service allows you to leave your funds safely within the sturdy containment maintained by a reputed and experienced team.

  • Intuitive User Interface

PayBito focuses on convenience and simplicity. It is one of the reasons why they have in place a user-friendly interface leading into PayBito custody. This saves the clients lots of hassle and time.

  • Seamless Exchange Accessibility

PayBito custody helps to seamlessly trade in digital assets from within your wallet. The client funds remain secured from end to end as PayBito oversees each of the technology chains of operations.

  • Regulations

PayBito is regulated as a California State trust company and manages trusts, trust funds, and estates for businesses, individuals, and other entities. Users are required to comply with financial services and consumer protection laws.

  • Flexible Pricing

PayBito’s custody offers immense benefits. Flexible pricing is one among them. We demand no minimum, free setup, and the best part, adjustable pricing facilities from professionals.

  • Insurance

PayBito helps prioritize the security of customers. As far as the insurance coverage is concerned, the insurance policy covers losses and $200 million is allocated towards this service for our customers.

Wrapping p

Global crypto exchange, PayBito offers wallet and custody solutions with a set of rich features to enable secure and hassle-free trading for institutional investors. PayBito software keeps upgrading to bolster security and maintain the trust of valued customers.




Passionate about blogging on Cryptocurrency, Blockchain applications, Artificial Intelligence & IoT.

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Maria Garcia

Maria Garcia

Passionate about blogging on Cryptocurrency, Blockchain applications, Artificial Intelligence & IoT.

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