Cryptocurrency Exchange vs Crypto Broker Programs: Which One to Choose, and Why?

Crypto Broker Programs: What does a Crypto Broker Do?

Advantages of a White Label Crypto Broker Program

  • Portfolio Diversification
  • Security Features
  • Easy Crypto to Fiat Conversion
  • Comprehensive Service List

White Label Crypto Exchange vs Cryptocurrency Broker

Features to Check out in a Crypto Broker Platform

  1. Multi-currency compatibility and multi-signature wallets.
  2. SegWit, ERC20, BIP32 and FIX compliance.
  3. KYC and AML compliance as per the location.
  4. Advanced security features- 3 point Architecture, DDoS Mitigation, 2FA, GEO Fencing, and more,
  5. Firewall and Firebase Integration
  6. AES 256 DB Encryption, Protection against Ransomware and Withdrawal
  7. Liquidity Integration with other exchanges.
  8. Matching Engine with Order Book.

PayBito White Label Crypto Broker Program: A Cut Above The Rest

  1. Multilingual, round-the-clock customer support.
  2. High-volume crypto liquidity integration.
  3. Instant Multi-payment Gateway Integration.
  4. Bank-grade cybersecurity with anti-phishing features.
  5. Cloud Hosting
  6. Multi-device and platform compatibility across web browsers, desktop apps, Android, and iOS.
  7. Compliance with global regulatory frameworks

In Conclusion



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