BTC Price Predictions: The Experts Speak

The Early Bitcoins

Bitcoins came into being in 2009. They were worth cents, then. Among many stories that floated around here’s one that shows the growth of cryptocurrency. Back in the early days of Bitcoins, two pizzas were purchased for 10,000 Bitcoins by a Florida-based developer. Those Bitcoins if saved would be worth around 490 mn today.

The Price History

Bitcoins have lived up to its tag of a “highly volatile asset”. Predicting its future variations is challenging.

What to Expect, Next?

It may be noted that Bitcoins fared exceptionally well against all other securities during the pandemic times. BTC wavered around $10,000 in early 2020, standing at $13,573.71 in October 2020 and finished at $ 28,768.84 in December 2020. This was followed by a leap to the mark of 30K in January 2021 from where it climbed to cross the 50K mark in February of this year.

To Sum Up

Here we’re talking about a cryptocurrency of high potential. On its worst days, in October 2010, it was valued at $ 0.125, and on its best, it shone at a whopping $50,000 in February 2021. In spite of skeptics warning a nosedive, at any time, the possibilities of that happening are next to null.

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