Global Software Development Company, Blockbase Consultants looks forward to expanding its base. Blockbase has previously provided software support to various industries maintaining Blockchain technology as its primary area of expertise.

Having established itself as a premier blockchain development company with several proven use cases across continents, Blockbase now seeks to experiment with IoT, AI, and Big Data. These technologies are regarded as the ‘future’ of technologies, given their enormous potential. The Management team at Blockcase, however, is not intimidated by the formidable challenge that lies ahead.

Blockchain is considered a still-nascent technology that many organizations are rushing to adopt. …

Various nations can successfully emerge from the covid-19 pandemic with the notably clear pathway to a net-zero future if the right actions are taken now, a chief executive and co-founder of an investment consultancy based in London stated. According to him, it can also be considered as the silver lining to covid-19. Let us dive deeper into the topic to understand better.

Impact of Covid-19: Positive or Negative?

While the covid-19 pandemic has led to a negative impact on the overall economy, it has also delivered a positive effect to the global energy demand by decreasing it and bringing ahead the peak of emissions associated with…

The dramatic scaling of Bitcoin and the steadily growing interest in its trajectory has sufficient twists to fill a novel. Topping the beauty is that it is beyond the scope of regulations by the governments and is fabulously anonymous. Its price fluctuations come entirely from the market demand and supply.

Failure to curb the leaps and bounds by which the digital currencies are gaining traction in the market is one reason for the central banks to come up with their own version of a digitized currency — the CBDC. …

Indian IT company Blockbase Consultants equals beat with the onslaught of digitization, through highlighting unique identity by implementing digital identity solutions to financial companies. Being secure and hassle-free, the blockchain digital identity solutions of Blockbase Consultants require unique identification concerning each user because of the owner of transactions beneath his or her name.

Reason Behind Stressing On Unique Identifications

Financial institutions all over the world, relenting to the need for blockchain-backed methods for increasing security and protecting customer information, look ahead to the production of digital uniqueness. …

Blockchain is the most chatted about technology at the moment. That, in spite of being a nascent technology, with hardly any proven use case (other than being the technology behind Bitcoin), to testify its beneficence.

Like most novel technologies and concepts on the horizon, Blockchain has its fair share of supporters and naysayers. Among the supporters you may count the overseas payment processing organizations; some of whom have already confirmed to be in the testing phase of blockchain implementation and others have claimed to be nearly there. …

Global IT pioneer Blockbase Consultants take a leap to offer a strategic approach as far as overcoming the blockchain adoption challenges are concerned. The organization looks forward to making the most of its treasures to eliminate third parties, enforce business rules and automate trust. The professionals aim to facilitate the internet that carries value.

Aim of Blockbase Consultants

Considering a few innovative objectives, the company aims to enhance efficiency and productivity, thereby striving towards a change, hence anticipating a giant leap in their outcomes. …

The Early Bitcoins

Bitcoins came into being in 2009. They were worth cents, then. Among many stories that floated around here’s one that shows the growth of cryptocurrency. Back in the early days of Bitcoins, two pizzas were purchased for 10,000 Bitcoins by a Florida-based developer. Those Bitcoins if saved would be worth around 490 mn today.

Several pertinent questions pop-up. Is there an and to the Bitcoins, if so, when? Where will it land? The world is currently divided by its approach to Bitcoins. The anti-Bitcoin community perceives this as a market bubble that will soon burst and the Bitcoin will fizzle…

The governor of RBI lately expressed his concern regarding the utilization of cryptocurrencies. According to the governor of The Reserve Bank of India, cryptocurrency trade might have an adverse effect on financial stability, thereby impacting the overall economy. As per his comment, the governor is lately engaged in communication with the government, thereby hoping for the government to take a call, hence taking cryptocurrency trading into consideration.

In the past, the Government of India on many occasions has expressed concern regarding digital currencies, thereby claiming that they can be utilized for terror funding purposes, hence laundering huge quantities of money…

Looking for the top blockchain company can lead you nowhere if you do not know about a few. Many start-ups nowadays are experimenting with Blockchain technology, and some large enterprises are further considering blockchain as their long-term plan. Not all blockchain development companies can provide high-quality blockchain solutions. Therefore, we have listed the top blockchain technology companies here with the best blockchain applications that offer proficient blockchain consulting services. Read on to know more.

HashCash Consultants

The scope for Crypto trading has strengthened all over the world due to government policies, finances, and immigrants favoring the trade-in 2020. Because of the pandemic crisis, a notable amount of remittances have bolstered finances, however, high transaction fees have provided opportunities to the cryptos for simplifying instant settlements as well as cross-border trading.

With that being stated, crypto trading platforms have witnessed a significant surge lately with many exchanges witnessing a maximum rise in 2020. When it comes to amateur registered users, they are skyrocketing for undertaking trading, thereby maximizing the need for crypto broking franchises throughout the world…

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